Friday, October 17, 2008


Last Friday the biggest horse I've ever seen stepped on my foot. Nothing is broken, but I am bruised and swollen and hobbling around on crutches.

On Tuesday I gave a presentation about the Life Lines (chalk lines) project to the Village of Alfred's board of trustees (whose 5 lovely members are shown below). They loved the idea and temporarily approved the project, but wanted to do some tests with the chalk to see how long it will last and how it will affect the brick pavers on the sidewalks in the center of town. Since then, I've realized that the chalk will last way too long (tests I sprayed a month ago have not faded one bit), so I did some research and found an alternative that will only last 3-5 days. I am waiting to get a sample in the mail to test it with one of the board members early next week.

On Wednesday I met with another interested student from Alfred State College about potentially being involved in the project. His name is Ed and he's studying abroad here from Brazil, and he is so wonderful! He's super energetic and enthusiastic, and he hopes this project will help him to meet more people. He came to Alfred only because it was first on the alphabetical list of tech schools in the U.S., and it was the only one he applied to. I asked him what he would like to be said about him in the map legend I'm going to draw on Main Street, and this is what he said:

Well I could just introduce myself,
My name is Edgar Ueno, I go to Alfred State and my major is Networking Administration (Computers), this is my senior year and I love to travel, laugh, rollercoasters, party, watch the latest movies, listen to the coolest songs and I love to meet new people.
I am Brazilian but a lot of people don't believe me because I don't look like Brazilian but that is just a stereotype, my great grandparents are from Japan so that's why I look like Asian but I was born in Brazil.
If you would like to meet me, just say hi! And I promise I will do the rest.
BTW - call me Ed

I was also introduced by my friend Tracy, who works at Kinfolk, to a woman named Jessica. She lives in town, has two kids, and is a writer. Her husband teaches at Andover High School. She's also interested in the project and could potentially be the third and final person. I'm going to meet with her about it soon.


Edgar said...

Ahahahahah !

That is cool ! You actually posted of what you thought of me.
Thank you very much !
I promise that if you choose me, I will do my best to accomplish your project.


Alicia Eggert said...

You are amazing!
I will write you an email....