Sunday, October 19, 2008

NOW: frozen string!

So I did a quick test - I soaked black cotton string in water, then wrote the word now  with it, and stuck it in the freezer overnight. When I took it out and hung it on the wall it started melting right away, too fast actually. So I don't know if it will work to use this as a sculptural object, since it only retains its shape for a minute maximum. But I was able to snap a few pictures, and I brought them into Photoshop and made them look very graphic. It almost looks like an ink drawing.

I would really like to make it work as an object, though. I imagine doing a time-based installation where I have a freezer filled with pre-made nows, and I'm constantly taking them out of the freezer and hanging them on the wall, until the wall gets covered in all different states of melting nows

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White Bear Girl aka Sophie Clucker said...

Very Cool,
I am a leader on a women's dogsled, ski and snow shoe adventure every winter. We are always looking for cool ideas to add an art component into our programming. It is typically well below zero degrees while we're up there so I'm thinking we could create cool frozen mobiles that would actually last until spring. Try using salt water! It might keep the string frozen longer!