Saturday, October 18, 2008

NOW: glow stick juice!

I am interested in the idea of "now" and how it could be perceived as longer or shorter by different people or at different times (does right now mean this second, five minutes, an hour, today?). Consequentially, I am exploring different materials that could spell out the word now but that have differing lifespans. For instance, I could make a clear glass vessel that is shaped like the word now and fill it with glow stick juice, which would only stay bright for approximately twelve hours. I've also been playing around with using cotton or wool yarn - soaking it in water, writing now in cursive with it, freezing it, then hanging the word on the wall and letting it melt (pictures of this to come). I'm also thinking about using helium and balloons. What other materials are time-based like these?

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nic said...

hmmmmm. seems more about deterioration and weakening than specifically time.