Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am getting clear plexiglas cut in order to make a  self-contained (and hopefully slightly sound-dampening) environment for the inflatable dress, for the sculpture grad show in Rochester next Friday. I am going to experiment with having shredded text circulating through the dress inside the vitrine like "thoughts" (in through the fan at the bottom and out through the head and arms at the top). It will be like the Money Volcano from that old game show called Diamond Head (where contestants entered a glass enclosure that had giant fans blowing money around, and they had to grab as much money as they could in however many seconds). I'm going to call the sculpture Individual, but I'm also considering the possibility of making a "family" or group of "friends" that are all confined within the same vitrine, but whose thoughts are "shared" because they're blowing all around between each figure.

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jess C. said...

I love love love this drawing.