Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the relativity of time

This is my newest concern. I am working on using the computer to process data derived from surveys about a person's subjective experience of one day. "One day in the life of so-and-so," as the saying goes. Each person's day will be represented by a different clock (which will be an animation played on a digital picture frame like a looping movie, with a box around the picture frame that has a hole cut out in it so it looks like a clock) and then each person's clock will have a label underneath it stating their name --  so instead of the usual London, New York, Tokyo, etc., the clocks will read Erica, Peter, Brett, Lucy, etc. I will explain more about how it works later (when it's not so late and I can make some sense out of words), but until then you can see sketches of the clocks here and here. They are still in progress (I have to figure out color, etc.), but if you imagine them next to each other on the wall I think it might look pretty cool.

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