Saturday, September 6, 2008

ideas relating to "here and now"

1. Cell phones scattered on the floor in an otherwise empty room. 

At first glance it would seem like there's no one there, until you realize that groups or pairs of people are having conversations between phones via speakerphone. You can choose whether or not to engage in conversation with these invisible people. If you do not, you will feel like an eavesdropper. It would feel especially uncomfortable if the conversations were very personal and between close friends.

2. A section of portable aluminum bleacher seats lined with rows of laptop computers.

On each computer would be the face of a person who is being teleconferenced into the room via Skype. You are their entertainment. You can perform for them or interact with them or feel intimidated by them. You can see them all but they can each see only you.

(This reminds me of a performance I took part in during college, that was organized by my friend Heather Lin. I was in a group of about 5 people that were seated in a line facing an empty chair in a small room. One person at a time was allowed to enter the room and sit in the chair, while we as performers were instructed not to smile, laugh or speak to that person, just stare).

3. Performers dressed in white and standing still on one spot with their eyes closed.

Projected onto their faces and white clothing are full-body moving images taken of them talking at another time. This image shows them as their normal selves, wearing their everyday clothing. In the projection they are animated people, engaging in conversation with someone who's not there, whereas their physical presence is limited to a kind of sleeping while standing up. Their living, breathing bodies are screens onto which their interactive other-selves are projected.

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