Sunday, March 23, 2008

rapid eye movements

Recently I have been obsessed with the way a person's eyes flick back and forth when they are looking out the window of a moving car. It's almost impossible to keep your eyes still... they move side to side so fast because of the way we try to focus on the things that are flying by, even just for a split second. I'm wondering how this relates to change, and the fact that I love moving (moving my home from one city to another).

This video is just an experiment. I need to figure out how to alleviate the bumpiness that goes along with riding in a car. I think I need to strap the camera to my head somehow. And then I need to figure out what I would do with it (one idea is to play the loop on a flat screen that's mounted on the inside of a cardboard moving box, and installing the box in a space on a "dolly" cart).

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Ryan Hinkel said...

I can help you with the bumpiness.