Thursday, March 20, 2008

my community

The interview I recently did with my landlord has inspired me to do a series of interviews with the people in my community that I rely on. For instance,
my landlord
my doctor
my gynecologist
my mechanic
my hair dresser
my trash collector
my dentist 
my roommate
my neighbor
my boss
my teacher
my cobbler
my veterinarian
my grocer
my tailor
my advisor
my therapist (I don't actually have one of these but am considering getting one. I'm also thinking of getting a lawyer and an acupuncturist. But we'll see.)

I'm not sure yet how the project will work out visually, but I'm thinking of having them "sit" for me (so that I could draw their portraits the old fashioned way).  I would, ideally, like to invite myself over to their house so that I could draw them in their homes and not in the environments in which I am accustomed to interacting with them. I think the project would in a way "attach itself to the history of self portraiture" (in the words of my advisor Ron Lambert), because all of these people are labelled as "mine". Each one of them knows a certain amount of information about me that is not necessarily public knowledge, but at the same time we don't know each other very well. I have yet to figure out why I find so much meaning in this. But I am looking forward to taking these figures out of their contexts.

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