Tuesday, February 17, 2009

rumination #7

Dear Thesis,

I apologize for not being more consistent. I am not the type of artist who can be alone in my studio work, work, working all the time like a creative recluse. I need to be out and about in the world, living life, getting inspired by the people and places and objects found within everyday situations. I thrive on social interaction. I love people! That's basically what it would boil down to if I could fit it in a pot.
When I began graduate school I was so excited to set up my studio (I had never had a studio that wasn't my living room), and to arrange and organize what few belongings and materials I had brought with me. That initial excitement evaporated when I realized what a lonely place a studio can be, especially if you feel, as I did, that you were expected to spend the majority of your time there, "making things". 

Last year I made a sculpture titled 'It's Nice To Meet You!'. It was inspired by those "wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men" seen on the side of the road (and in the show Family Guy), advertising for grand openings of car dealerships or party stores. I was driving by one such inflatable in the car with a friend, and I randomly mentioned something about how funny it would be to have one of those tube men made to look like me. So I did! I found a caricature artist online to draw my portrait, and I hired an advertising company to design an inflatable of my height and proportions (but with a slightly larger head and longer arms). When you walk into the room, I am nothing but a deflated sack of colorful plastic lying on the ground. But when a person approaches for a closer look, I jump up and wave my arms to say hello! 

People bring me to life! 

I often question whether there is really any such thing as an individual. I, myself, do not feel like one. I like to imagine I have blurry edges. I think there is more freedom in being one of many than one alone.

Yours truly,

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mollycakes said...

Hi, I just found your blog on mike flemming's blog. I like your work and your thoughts. And i really relate to this post. I often say/think, "I love people!" and i think there is so much to be said for art that embraces that reality--and the idea that an artist is supposed to work alone in a studio is certainly not neutral, it is a very specific model. i might be starting grad school soon, so it's really interesting to read your thoughts! -molly