Thursday, January 1, 2009

regarding my ruminations

I have decided to ignore conventions and approach my thesis a little more creatively. I've made an email address,, to which I send my thoughts. I'm going to copy some of those thoughts here, and I'd love to get responses to the issues I address and questions I propose. If you'd like to check the email address and read all the emails in their true form, the password is mfanyscc09 (log in at And if you'd like to share your thoughts, and possibly be incorporated into my thesis, please write directly to that email address above. It would be so great!

I'm not sure yet if these emails will end up being my thesis, in their raw form, or if they will eventually be edited and organized into a formal paper. But for now it's fun just to get it all out in a context within which I feel comfortable expressing myself. 

I like to imagine that my thesis will write back to me at the very end. Oh, boy! What will it say, I wonder? 

And what kind of junk mail will it get? Ha!

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