Tuesday, April 8, 2008

send a message

I found this website where you can pay a Palestinian to spraypaint your message on the West Bank Wall.
They take 3 pictures of their graffiti and email them to you, but can't guarantee how long the message will last. I have been wondering what I would say ever since I found this. Ironically, I think most of the messages people paid for are to loved ones (I found the link on a website that was giving "great Valentine's Day gift ideas"), like "Jakob loves Julie 4eva", etc. 
But this whole thing just makes me wonder... what do I have to say? Especially to a people/place in such a situation? 

*** UPDATE***
I am still thinking about this. Lately, my favorite idea is to quote people from my everyday life. Normal people saying normal things that would seem absurd if isolated and taken out of context. My friend Genevieve used to write down the amazing things people would say without noticing what they were really saying. Maybe she still does this. I might start doing it too.


Michael Stevenson said...

I think right now in my life I would have the sentence my latest work consists of. It has generated such great controversy despite the true meaning of the piece. I think it is even more important now that so much commotion has been generated.

P.S. where did you get that small screen you put in that box? I have been looking to work with some of those.

Alicia Eggert said...

The screen is a digital picture frame by Pandigital that plays slideshows, videos, and also plays music/sound. I got it on Ebay.