Saturday, December 1, 2007

Revolution: Lifecycle, 2003

Music by Super Furry Animals
Costumes designed by Karen Stone

These are images of a dance I choreographed for the Drexel University Dance Ensemble Spring Concert in 2003.  It was based off of a character in the Tom Robbins book Skinny Legs and All.  The character was a street performer that would stand on a single spot and slowly turn around, only completing one revolution in an entire day.  For the dance, there was one woman who stood and slowly revolved in the very center of the stage, just like it described in the book except that she completed her cycle by the end of the song (approximately 5 minutes).  Her movement was almost imperceptible, but as you can see, the rest of the dancers were doing the complete opposite, spinning and twirling around her like she was the sun.

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McGuff said...

I like, but where's the talking can of beans, dirty sock and spoon? Lifecycle II, the Reincarnation?