Saturday, December 1, 2007

Red Collar Incorporated, 2007

8'-0"d x 18'-0"w x 8'-0"h

building materials, office supplies, costumes, sound, security cameras

A site-specific installation of two small cubicles within a larger vacant office space in downtown Portland, OR.  The project was a collaboration between myself, Maggie Casey, Peter Valois, Andy  Furgeson, Eliza Fernand and Anna Weber for Kitchen Sink: Step Into My Office.  It involved the performance of a dance that was choreographed via email but never rehearsed together by the dancers (me and Maggie) until the event.  The costumes were designed in a collaboration via snail mail (Eliza and Anna), and two unique but similar musical compositions - one for each office - were created from a series of written instructions (Peter and Andy).  

The project was about miscommunication, and what we say verses what we mean. It was about the distance between people.

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