Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Speaking in Tongues - A solo exhibition at the Coleman Burke Gallery

Below are some images of my solo exhibition, Speaking in Tongues, which was on view 12 October - 30 November 2012 in the 2,000 square-foot Coleman Burke Gallery in Brunswick, Maine.

“Speaking in Tongues” featured work in various media that utilizes text to explore the grey area between a simple truth and a profound insight. Flashing neon signs explore the subtle difference between obvious and existential statements, photographs document absurd and ineffective attempts to communicate a message, and sculptural installations manipulate the physical structure of language to mix up meaning and material. The exhibition featured a new large-scale neon sculpture titled “Everything You Are Looking For,” made in collaboration with Amy Jorgensen.

View from entrance
Installation view

Installation view

White Lie, 2012

Everything You Are Looking For, 2012
Made in collaboration with Amy Jorgensen

Persistence of Vision, 2012
We Are Have Yes Here, 2012

Panorama, 2012

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