Monday, April 25, 2011

Setting sculpture in motion.

I just found this video that someone took of my sculpture and posted on youtube. The woman gets so close to making the white dots spell 'wonder', but not close enough (literally). It's great to see that people are able to have fun with it either way. I also think this video demonstrates how this work requires the viewer to become a kind of performer. One person has to approach the work while another watches them activate it from afar ('wonder' is seen best from a distance... from up close it's like a pointillist painting). Looking is no longer passive, it is active. It is performative. Slight body movements towards or away from the work cause it to change. It asks you to dance! And it allows others to watch you dance!

And here is another video that shows Wonder in motion very close up. It's a 10 second commercial that the Portland Museum of Art made for TV to advertise the show. Now you can see what the experience would be like from that woman's perspective.

I will be making my own videos of the work later this week, and hopefully writing more about the performance of viewing, so stay tuned...

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