Sunday, February 6, 2011

A new idea.

Imagine a jump rope that is circling endlessly in a dimly lit, otherwise empty room. It would use a mechanism similar to this one (so it can move on its own, without a person on each end):

and it would be made of a glowing white neon LED light rope like this:

And to top it all off, it would be running off of a motor that makes it spin at one rotation per second, so the rhythm made by the rope hitting the floor would mimic the ticking of a clock's second hand.

(Is imagining it enough, or should I go through the trouble of making it a reality?)


Sondra R. Perry said...

ummhmmm you should!

Alicia Eggert said...

Thanks, Sondra! I had already moved on from this idea, but now that you said something... maybe I will revisit it....