Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"There’s no secret about it, really. You just don’t die, and you get to be 100."

"I have always liked to dance. But as you know, after a certain age, there are no men to dance with. So I started line dancing... The best part of being 100 is you live to be 100. If you can enjoy it, that is an extra good thing.”
-Hazel Miller, 100

“We go out to lunch every once in a while. So we went to a place called Hooters, and there were eight or nine of us. Somebody told the manager that I was 100 years old. So the manager said that they’d pay for the meal — we didn’t have to pay for the meals. Then we took pictures with the waitresses. I thought it was very nice of them."
-Phil Damsky, 100

(These quotes are from a great little article in the NYT about centenarians. They asked people 100 years old or older "What is your secret to a long life?" )

(And making this post reminded me of "People in Order" by Lenka Clayton & James Price. One of my favorite videos ever. I posted it a while back, so I'm mentioning it again in case anyone missed it.)

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