Saturday, September 11, 2010

thank heavens

I don't really believe in astrology, so to speak. And I guess by believe in, I mean rely on. But I like to read my horoscope sometimes, usually when I'm looking for confirmation about something that I already know in my gut. And that's the case with this week's horoscope from Free Will Astrology, for sure:

"Last May, riots in Santa Cruz, California trashed 18 buildings in the downtown area. But for one store owner, the mayhem brought unexpected blessings. She was able to tap into a city fund that not only paid for her broken front window, but also allowed her to make several improvements, like adding fresh paint, a new awning, and better lighting. "I never would have thought when I got that call at 1 in the morning that this was going to turn into such a wonderful thing for us," Diane Towns told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. I predict a similar progression for you, Aquarius. An event that seemed like bad luck at the time will ultimately lead to good luck."

Thank you, universe!

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