Friday, December 18, 2009

The Semester in Review

This is a copy of the final post on my class blog for Intro to Sculpture, which I taught two sections of this semester. The class learned many sculptural techniques and processes, including woodworking, welding, kinetics, wearable sculpture, mold making and casting. Here are 20 curated images that I feel best represent the class's work. Congratulations to my students on a job well done! I am really proud.

"Twenty Three Point Six Plus One" by Tory Keith

"Bad Plaid" by Laura Finkbeiner

"ON/OFF" by Alexis Crowley

"Untitled" by Christian Jaskolka

"White Box Red Box Black Ball" by Stephen Rooney

"Welcome" by Jeff Swartout

"Make A Wish" by Valerie Boebinger

"Lick That. Don't Lick That." by Sophie Schneider

"Tactile Experience" by Tory Keith

"Facade" by Jeff Swartout

"Pocket Watch" by Valerie Boebinger

"Best Friends" by Eggy Ding

"Dislocation" by Stephen Rooney

"Untitled (after snips)" by Sophie Schneider

"Sad Tension" by Marie Komanecky

"Tiny Transmutation" by Eggy Ding

"Self-Portrait" by Stephen Rooney


"Lampshade Covers Nothing" by Katherine Lin

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