Tuesday, April 28, 2009

limited edition artist book

I have made a book, titled You have the words I cannot seem to find, that will be for sale at my thesis exhibition. It includes my thesis writing and images of the work I've made during graduate school. It is a 100 page volume that was published by Blurb, and will be available as a limited edition (20 hard cover books and 30 soft cover books). Each book will also include a handmade flip book called "How To Make Now", which comes along with a "Now Kit" that provides you with everything you need to make a now. Hard cover books are $75 and soft cover books are $40. If you're interested in purchasing one but won't be able to make it to the show, please contact me.


anneke said...

i have some things to say:

number one, i love you.
2. you're amazing
3. expect company soon.
4. !
5. ciao bella

Terese said...

Thanks for the card. I so badly want to be at your opening, but I am happy to hear that you are selling your book, I told Joe get one. I wish you all the best and a huge good luck.