Wednesday, August 20, 2008

on my mind

chalk lines ----

Artist Eve Mosher drew a blue chalk line around the coastal New York neighborhood of Canarsie in Brooklyn in order to indicate the area where potential flooding may occur due to climate change. (read the NYT article about it here)

I am thinking about using the same medium (chalk line) to address another issue. I am most attracted to its temporality, and the way it blows or is washed away so easily. I want to follow myself around with one of these machines and literally trace my steps. Home to school, school to gym, gym to home, home to bar, bar to school. I like the idea of my life/path making a mark, but that mark being temporary. And each day the line will be retraced in a new way.

(And I could document the path from the sky in a helicopter!)


is this project, although different from Eve Mosher's in concept, too similar in process? Artists have always been inspired by other artists, but when does it get too close for comfort? 

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